WATCH: Black Dude Pummels CHICK For 20 Minutes … In PUBLIC

This is graphic and hard to watch. It makes you think: what kind of world are we living in when a woman is beat in broad daylight as bystanders look on and someone is recording it all? What would you have done if you saw this happening in front of you?

A shocking video has emerged on social media of a woman in Philadelphia being beaten on a city street in broad daylight by a man as a crowd of people just stand by and watch.

The video was filmed on Ontario Street in the city’s Kensington neighborhood on Thursday morning, according to Fox 29.

One of the people who recorded the horrific incident did not want to be identified by the television station on camera.

‘The guy was actually on top of the girl– just beating on her,’ he told Fox 29.

The disturbing video shows an unidentified man repeatedly hitting, slapping and punching an unidentified woman, who is on the ground as several people stand nearby and just watch and record the incident on their cell phones.

At one point, a man can be seen standing just a few feet away from the man as he continuously hits the woman on the ground before he walks across the street to continue watching.

In addition, at least two cars drove right by the assault as it was happening and did not appear to stop to help.

‘I did hear a commotion earlier. I didn’t pay no mind and then I came out and the guy was on top of the girl,’ the witness told Fox 29.

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