WATCH: Shopper Confronts Pervert Known For PREYING On The Ladies

This is the intense moment when a woman confronted a pervert who was known for harassing women in stores. Watch how he reacts when he realizes she knows exactly who he is.

A woman has filmed the tense moment she confronted a convicted video voyeur known for preying on women, at Target.

Candice Spivey had been shopping at the store in Yulee, Florida when she was approached by Jeffrey Polizzi in the bikini section on Tuesday, April 26.

The shopper said she immediately recognized the 31-year-old who had come up to her in a different store two years ago, and began asking her inappropriate questions of a sexual nature – all while filming her on his phone, she claims.

Filming the interaction on her phone, Spivey confronted Polizzi asking if he remembered her.

He immediately bolted from the store as she gave chase behind him and shouting for shoppers and staff to call the police.

The video ended with Polizzi, who has previous convictions for voyeurism, fleeing across the car park.

But in Spivey’s Facebook post, which has been viewed more than 1.7 million times, she said that was not the end of the incident.

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