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BOOM: Here’s ‘5 MUSTS’ For Trump To DUMP Hillary

By Clash Daily

June 27, 2016 at 10:15 pm

If Trump wants to trump Hillary in November, then there are some things that he's gonna need to do first. According to Michael Walsh, here are 5 things that Trump MUST do:

First, keep pummeling Hillary. The only presidential candidate in history to run while under federal investigation, Clinton has benefited from chummy relationships with media pooh-bahs who have successfully shielded her for decades. But the former first lady has a thin skin and a glass jaw; she’s never faced sustained, fearless criticism before and doesn’t handle it well.

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Second, learn a lesson from John McCain and Mitt Romney. The Maverick was a media darling until he had the effrontery to run against The One in 2008, while Romney was transformed from a successful Mormon businessman into a rapacious ogre. Overwhelmingly Democratic and partisan, the media votes with its pens and cameras every day during campaign season.

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Third, skip the “gotcha” game. During one of the GOP debates, Trump filibustered a response to radio host Hugh Hewitt’s question about the three legs of the “nuclear triad” because he didn’t know what that phrase meant (subs, bombers, missiles). But that’s the sort of thing instantly explained and learned. After all, he’s a first-time candidate navigating an ocean of wonks who think they alone should decide the qualifications necessary to become president.

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Fourth, make it clear to the junior wing of the Permanent Bipartisan Fusion Party who’s boss now. Despite its success in the congressional elections of 2010 and ’14, the GOP has been whining it can’t shape policy without holding the White House, too. Here’s their big chance.

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Finally, be yourself — but better. Trump walks, talks and acts like the quintessential guy from Queens, from his un-pukka accent to his stream-of-consciousness barroom bluster. He’s that anomaly, a rich man with a peasant’s taste for shiny material things.

Now it’s time for Trump 2.0: the focused, disciplined candidate we saw last week. This means focusing on Hillary’s weaknesses without fear, bringing speaker Paul Ryan and majority leader Mitch McConnell to heel and staying on message to Make America Great Again.

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