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BOOM: SWAT Kills Armed MUSLIM Taking Hostages At Walmart

When this Muslim Wal-Mart employee decided to take two people hostage, the SWAT team was ready to take him down. Do you think this situation would have played out differently if there were armed and trained gun owners present?

Amarillo police say an armed Walmart employee likely upset for being passed over for a promotion took two people hostage before being shot and killed by officers inside the store near Interstate 27 and Georgia Street.

The man was identified by police as Mohammad Moghaddam, 54. The incident began around 11:06 a.m. and was over by 12:22 p.m.

Both hostages are safe.

According to police, the incident began with one or two gunshots believed to be fired into the ceiling by the checkout area. Moghaddam then took a manager and another employee hostage in a management area of the store.

At some point, SWAT officers entered the Walmart building.

Lt. Erick Bohannon, with the special crimes unit, said as the SWAT team was getting into place a hostage ran out of an office. Moghaddam pursued the hostage and ran into officers with a weapon still in his hand.

Two SWAT officers then opened fire and killed Moghaddam, Bohannon said.

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