BREAKING: ISIS Threatens Two U.S. Cities After PRAISING #Orlando Massacre

ISIS just released a new threat aimed at two major American cities and praised the Orlando attack that took place only a few weeks ago.

A chilling new video has been released by terror group ISIS where it threatens both San Francisco and Las Vegas.

The footage shows shaky clips of both the Golden Gate Bridge and the Las Vegas Strip while jihadis praise Omar Mateen, who killed 49 people at an Orlando nightclub earlier this month.

It is believed the video was released after being made by militants in Mosul, Iraq, while some of the footage was actually filmed on the streets of the west coast cities.

In one clip believed to have been shot from a cycle path, the Golden Gate Bridge can be seen with the camera panning up and down the crossing.

The terror group then features a shot of the busy Las Vegas strip, which is believed to have been filmed from the pedestrian bridge next to the Caesar’s Palace hotel.

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