DEAR AMERICA: Is It Important To YOU If Trump Is a ‘BORN AGAIN’ Christian?

Published on June 26, 2016

Is it important to you if Trump is actually a born again Christian when deciding whether or not to vote for him? Or do you think that shouldn’t be a reason to vote or not vote for Trump in this crucial election?

Dr. James Dobson recently stated that Trump is in fact a born-again Christian:

Donald Trump has been declared a born-again Christian by one of the country’s leading evangelicals.

In an interview on an evangelical blog, Dr James C. Dobson said that Trump had come ‘to accept a relationship with Christ’ and that he was ‘a baby Christian’, The New York Times reported.

Dobson, 80, who has authored 25 spiritual self-help and advice books, met Trump on Tuesday, prior to a meeting in which the presidential hopeful asked for the support of Christian conservatives and questioned Hillary Clinton’s religious beliefs.

After that meeting, Dobson gave an interview to religious blog God Factor in which he said that ‘(Trump) did accept a relationship with Christ, I know the person who led him to Christ, and that’s fairly recent.’

Exactly what he means by ‘led to Christ’ isn’t clear in the interview, but The New York Times suggested that this might be someone with whom Trump may have prayed for forgiveness for his sins.

Dobson declined to name that person in the interview, which was posted to God Factor on Friday.

He added that he didn’t ‘know when it was (that Trump converted), but it has not been long.’

‘I believe he really made a commitment, but he’s a baby Christian. We all need to be praying for him,’ he said.

By that, Dobson meant that Trump’s language and thinking doesn’t quite match the expectations of evangelical groups.

‘He doesn’t know our language,’ Dobson explained. ‘He used the word “hell” four or five times.’

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