DEAR PARENTS: What Would You Do If Your Teen Daughter Was SAVAGELY Beaten Like This?

This shocking video is every parent’s worst nightmare — what would you do if you found out this happened to your daughter?

This is shocking moment a group of adult bullies ambushed a 15-year-old girl, beating and kicking her, before forcibly cutting her hair.

Jennifer Detenancour, who posted the video on Facebook to demand justice for her daughter Sydney, called it ‘a disgusting assault on a small innocent girl’.

‘They lured her out into the woods acting like they were just out for a walk. Then the camera comes on – clearly ready for what they knew was about to happen,’ she wrote on her social media page.

A gang of friends had then stood by as Sydney was viciously beaten by two women in the woods in Saint Francis, Minnesota, while another girl cut her long hair, she said.

The row had begun after Cassandra Borden, 19, accused Sydney of riding in a car with her boyfriend Seth Evans the previous evening, the Daily Beast reports.

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