GUESS WHO Just Got BANNED By ‘The Media’ Because Of Hillary?

Hillary is TICKED after this Secret Service officer dropped a bombshell book about his experience in the White House while Bill was President. So take a look at what she’s doing to him now to get some revenge.

The U.S. Secret Service officer whose tell-all about his years working in the Clinton White House is already a bestseller one week before its release is being blocked from appearing on television by members of Hillary’s campaign according to The Drudge Report.

Gary Byrne, whose book Crisis of Character will be released next week, will reportedly not be appearing on any of the broadcast networks despite a clear interest in his story.

The book is currently the number two seller for the month of June on Amazon.

One Clinton campaign official told a producer the book is ‘trash for cash,’ and they have now reportedly been assured that Byrne will not be able to ‘spread his lies’ on their news programs.

ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN did not respond to requests for comment from

Fox News meanwhile will have Byrne on as a guest, appearing on Hannity for his first interview.

On Tuesday, a piece in Politico called into question many of the claims that Byrne makes in the book, with several agents saying he was far too low-ranking to ever have seen some of the things he writes about in the book.

In fact, according to these agents, the closest Byrne would have come to the Clintons during his time in the White House would have been to see the two passing in the hallway because he was a uniformed officer, the lowest-ranking members of the Secret Service.

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