HILARIOUS: Pic Of TERRIFIED Kid Running From Peacock Is MELTING The Internet

Published on June 28, 2016

This little girl who was terrified by a peacock is now melting the internet after several people have turned her image into hilarious recreations. Which one is your favorite? Check this out…

They’re not generally considered particularly terrifying creatures, but one little girl’s horror over a peacock was so real it’s turned her into an internet sensation.

An image of five-year-old Eva, tearing along a path while being pursued by a peacock at a North Carolina zoo was posted to Imgur by her mother with the caption: ‘Our trip to the petting zoo did not go as planned.’

‘Eva got closer to the peacock to see his feathers on display, he let out a loud squawk and she turned on her heel immediately in absolute terror,’ Eva’s mom told Buzzfeed. ‘This all happened within a half a second.’

Eva wasn’t terrified for long, her mother said.

‘She was absolutely fine almost instantly and on to the next animal to see,’ she said.

After it was posted online, the hilarious picture was immediately seized upon by Photoshop fans who couldn’t resists altering the image to make it even funnier with the additions of characters such as Prince Charles, Usain Bolt and the T. Rex from Jurassic Park. (Daily Mail)

Here is the original photo:


And the photoshopped images that are going viral…

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