New E-Mails EXPOSE Hillary for Manipulating the Media and SILENCING Reporters

Published on June 29, 2016

Those of you who have liberal friends who absolutely insist that Hillary’s State Department email scandal represents no real security concern, might want to forward them this article. The Smoking Gun is reporting that an email phishing scam, reportedly led by a little country called Russia, has fooled at least one Hillary volunteer into exposing the Clinton campaign.

According to the Smoking Gun, the staffer in question, Ms. Sarah Hamilton, exposed campaign commutations falling for a fake Gmail link, including internal memos directing staffers on how to manipulate the press.

“A February e-mail chain details how aides marshaled advance and press staffers to thwart reporters at a Las Vegas rally attended by the candidate, her daughter Chelsea, and former President Bill Clinton”, wrote the Smoking Gun.

Specifically, the campaign wanted to prevent the press from getting any closer to the Clintons that night than the space reserved for them. While this seems pretty low key for a Clinton confabulation, it escalates when these emails identify the campaign also secretly tracked the exact movements of some journalists, evidentially in order to prevent any reporters not in Hillary’s approved Star Chamber from getting close enough to ask a tricky question.

Of course, the real controversy here isn’t so much inconveniencing the press- although this sheds serious light on just how desperate Hillary is to manipulate her own public perception- but how horrific (and consistent) Hillary’s lack of security is from top to bottom.

If Russia, or whomever, is brazenly duping Hillary campaign members with a simple phishing scam it’s because they see all things Clinton as a fruitful and vulnerable target.

In other words: In November, Russia would appreciate it if you could vote for this walking espionage field day.

Of course, if Hillary dares to address this security attack head on it would expose her to all new questions about her idiotic dismissal of using personal email for classified material all over again. Or at least it would if any reporters could get close enough to ask.

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