LMAO: Judge Gives ’Black Activist’ Who Made BOGUS Accusations Some BAD News

This black race baiter jus got a big taste of justice from this judge. Do you agree with the judge’s sentence for her or do you think that it is too harsh?

A New Jersey judge has sentenced a black racial activist to 90 days in jail because she tweeted anonymous death threats and bomb threats against black students and professors at Kean University, her alma mater.

The woman who sent the criminal tweets is Kean graduate Kayla-Simone McKelvey.

McKelvey, 25, sent the tweets back in November, using a computer at the taxpayer-funded New Jersey school.

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The twentysomething race activist chose the Twitter handle @keanuagainstblk — Kean University against black — to make the threats, which included a promise to murder a slew of black people.

McKelvey unleashed a tweet directed at the Kean University police department. It read “@kupolice I will kill all the blacks tonight, tomorrow and any other day if they go to Kean University,” according to The Bergen Record, a New Jersey newspaper.

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