Muslim with Koran Challenges Col. Allen West and INSTANTLY Regrets It (WATCH)

Written by Doug Giles on June 15, 2016

When this Muslim walked up to Col. Allen West and tried asking him a question in an attempt to corner him, he was definitely not expecting this to happen.

Watch him instantly be put back in his place as the crowd goes wild over Col. West’s answer:

Here’s what Col. Allen West also had to say directly to Obama about his gun control orders:

President Barack Hussein Obama, on behalf of true Americans, I want to inform you that we will not follow your unconstitutional executive order.

We the American people have no other recourse than to resort to civil disobedience. We have no representatives in Washington DC who will stand and the Supreme Court has failed us as well.

You have embraced violent protest movements in America such as Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter. We are not lowering ourselves to that despicable progressive socialist “rules for radicals” model.

We, the people, are just telling you “No.” We will now be sending you emails and social media posts as well as calling OUR White House to say one word, “No.”

And if you persist and take the same course of action as Xerxes, we will give you a two-word response, Molon Labe.

This is your final year as president of the United States so let us come to an agreement: you leave us alone and we, the American people, will let you stay and finish your term.

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