QUESTION: Is Brexit PROOF That Trump Will WIN The White House?

Many are now saying that Britain voting to leave the EU is proof that Donald Trump will win the White House. Because of the anti-immigration attitudes in the UK that led up to this controversial separation, do you think that Americans also feel the same way?

As Donald Trump flew in to Scotland today after the UK’s seismic break with the European Union, parallels have been drawn with the anti-immigration message that led to Brexit and his rise to presumptive Republican presidential candidate.

Many have pointed out the similarities between Britain’s decision to leave the EU and Trump’s campaign – and believe it is an indication of how Americans will vote on November 8, which could see Trump in the White House.

The Donald’s arrival in the UK will be seen by many as a meeting of minds – two worlds colliding with shared views including a disgruntled electorate; lost national pride; isolationism; and the issue of immigration.

However, he may not get the desired reception in Scotland: while voters in England and Wales swung the result for Leave, Scots voted overwhelmingly for remaining part of the EU.

And today, he promised close ties between the U.S. and UK if he becomes President, saying: ‘A Trump Administration pledges to strengthen our ties with a free and independent Britain, deepening our bonds in commerce, culture and mutual defense’.

‘Brexit is further proof that Donald J Trump will be the next President of the United States,’ wrote Broderick Greer on Twitter.

Paul Harris added that Americans should learn a lesson from the result in Britain.

‘If you think Trump can’t win you are lazy, complacent and very dangerous,’ he warned.

Arnivan Ghosh said Trump should look for tips from Nigel Farage, the leader of the UK Independence Party who has spent 20 years campaigning to the country to leave the EU, on how to win with a ‘divisive, anti-immigration’ message.

‘That Nigel dude is British Trump,’ added Wanda Sykes.

Huw James Collins added: ‘The correlation of Trump enthusiasts delighting in the ‘Leave’ victory perfectly illuminates the roots of this debacle.’

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Donald Trump has also commented on the Brexit vote, saying that Hillary and Obama have forced Britain out of the EU by trying to convince them to stay. Do you agree with him?

Donald Trump has dramatically said President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton pushed into Britain leaving the European Union – and predicted Americans will make a similar choice in November.

He said the president – who in April lectured Britain that it must stay in and threatened it with dire economic consequences if it left – and his would-be Democratic successor had misread the mood of the free world

‘She’s always misread everything, if you think. She’s misread this,’ Trump told of Clinton, during a press conference coinciding with the re-opening of a golf course in the west of Scotland.

Both Obama and Clinton urged Britons to vote with the ‘Remain’ forces, which lost by a 52-48 margin.

The result is bragging rights for Trump, who had said that while he wouldn’t tell UK voters what to do, if it were up to him he would choose to make Great Britain ‘independent’ of Brussels.

Obama, he said, is ‘constantly dictating to the world what they should do. The world doesn’t listen to him, obviously. You can see that from the vote.

‘I actually think his recommendation … caused it to fail,’ he claimed.

As America’s election process becomes more heated, Trump will likely throw the Brexit vote at Clinton as evidence that the women who was once the top U.S. diplomat no longer has her finger on the world’s pulse.

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