QUESTION: What Should Happen To The THUGS Who Did The UNSPEAKABLE To A 78yr. Old Woman?

What do you think should be the punishment for these female thugs who beat an elderly woman so badly that she had to be rushed to the hospital? If this was your family member who this happened to, would you get your own justice?

The two teenage girls who are being accused of beating an elderly woman so severely that she had to be rushed to a New York City hospital have reportedly been turned in to police.

The New York Daily News reports that police are questioning the two suspects, with the first girl being brought in Friday morning by her mother after she recognized her from surveillance photos released by authorities after the attack.

The second suspect was brought in shortly after.

The young women were traveling together on a subway car Thursday afternoon when 78-year-old Norma Trotman reportedly approached the two and asked one of them if she could take her feet off the seat in order to make room for her to sit down.

Then, when Ms. Trotman got off at one of the next stations stops, the two teenagers allegedly followed her onto the subway platform and began to kick and punch her in her head and face before jumping on an approaching train and making their getaway.

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