QUESTION: Did Political Correctness Make The FBI To Release Orlando Terrorist?

Do you think that the FBI could have prevented this terrorist from performing his massacre in Orlando? Were they stopped by political correctness?

The dead Orlando terrorist who murdered at least 49 people at an Orlando nightclub was investigated by the FBI for terror links twice – and was linked to American suicide bomber Moner Abu Salha.

Agents did not charge Omar Mateen on both occasions and concluded he ‘only had minimal contact’ with Florida man Abu Salha who blew himself up for the Al Nusra Front in Syria 2014.

Mateen was also investigated by the FBI for making ‘inflammatory remarks’ to his colleagues alleging that he had terrorist ties – but again no further action was taken.

He kept his job with a global security firm, G4S, and was able to legally buy guns that were used in the worst mass shooting in American history that killed 49 and injured 53 others inside the Orlando gay nightclub.

Mateen called 911 to pledge allegiance to ISIS during the massacre and also praised the Boston bombers.

It is also claimed that Mateen had connections with a former U.S. Marine and undercover FBI agent turned radical Muslim cleric who was released from jail last year despite warnings that he was recruiting potential terrorists.

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