Why Can Liberal San Francisco Get Away with THIS But North Carolina Can’t?

Written by Andrew Allen on June 1, 2016

San Francisco recently reaffirmed their status as a so-called sanctuary city — in the wake Kathryn Steinle’s murder. Sanctuary city status isn’t just a direct contradiction of federal immigration law, it’s a deliberate choice made by a municipal government to not enforce those laws at all.

North Carolina recently passed a law called HB2 which requires individuals to limit their public restroom usage to those restrooms that correspond to their biological plumbing. HB2 merely affirms the obvious and it pertains exclusively to publicly provided bathrooms – privately owned/operated toilets (such as those in places of business) aren’t affected at all by HB2.

For their sin, the Tarheel State has been subjected to a flurry of activist rage, both of the arm-chair and in- the-street variety. The federal government has sued them. And, both the Attorney General and Department of Education have weighed in on the matter, in an attempt to isolate North Carolina’s position before they go for Raleigh’s throat.

For their sin, San Francisco is the darling of the safe zone crowd. The federal government not only hasn’t sued them, they’ve continued to pump tax dollars into the City by The Bay. From Barack Obama on down, the federal government’s silence regarding San Francisco’s sanctuary city status means approval – illegals after all are where Democratic votes come from.

How is it that San Francisco can get away with picking and choosing which laws they want to enforce, but North Carolina can’t do the same thing? North Carolina simply tried to state the obvious regarding public bathroom use. San Francisco, in the wake of a young woman’s brutal murder, said it’s ok for someone to be in their city even if they aren’t supposed to and despite any adverse implications that might result.

This is what happens when right and wrong are untethered from fundamental values, and instead are dumbed down to match whatever is presumed to be cool and hip in the hashtag era.

Image: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:San_Francisco_China_Town_MC.jpg; Creative Commons Attribution 3.0; Christian Mehlführer

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