SHOCKING VIDEO: Shows Tourist BRUTALLY Assaulted By Muslim Mob … ‘Paris Is A War Zone’

This is shocking and horrifying — do you still believe that Germany made the right decision by opening their borders to Muslim migrants? Watch the video below.

A young woman screamed helplessly as she was set upon by a violent gang in the centre of tourist Paris today.

She was repeatedly punched and kicked in the head and upper body as around 15 mainly men surrounded her, knocking her to the ground.

The terrifying attack, which was captured on video, took place within sight of Notre Dame Cathedral, and less than half-a-mile from the Louvre museum. 

Police were nowhere to be seen, as the savagery continued until the early hours of this morning, with others reporting muggings and gratuitous assaults.

Another video obtained by Mail Online shows a man who was knocked unconscious by another gang staggering away from the scene of the crime with a head wound.

This is despite France officially being under a ‘State of Emergency’ following the terrorist attacks in which up to 150 people were murdered in Paris last year.

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