WATCH: Justin Bieber Gets B*TCH Slapped In Public PROVING Forever There Is A God

What just happened to Justin Bieber is what we have all been waiting for. You are going to love this….scroll down to watch the video for yourself.

Just when you think Justin Bieber may finally be growing up he goes and does something stupid. In this case very stupid.

Breaking the first rule of survival, the hot-headed pop singer got into a shoving match with a man twice his size before deciding to really push the envelope and throw a punch.

Now despite Bieber’s recent efforts to bulk up and grow a mustache, the 5’9′ starlet proved no match for his hulking adversary who (after recovering from the shock) bundled him to the ground with ease.

The video – which looked to have been originally taken on Snapchat, and captioned: ‘Justin Beiber getting his a** kicked!!’ – was shot shortly after 11pm, outside of Justin’s downtown Cleveland hotel on Wednesday night.  

In it, the star – with his newly dyed platinum hair – can be seen standing in a small, tense crowd, while facing off against the unidentified man.

The two can be seen shoving each other before Bieber’s opponent moves to slap the singer with his right hand.

A furious Bieber retalliates with a flurry of punches, all of which appear to do very little damage as the man grabs him and uses his weight to send Bieber to the pavement before falling on top of him.

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