WATCH: Kanye’s THUGS Destroy Neighborhood … This Is TOTALLY Disgusting

If you thought Kanye was bad, wait until you see what his fans did to this neighborhood. When Kanye announced a secret show in Manhattan, the results were massive crowds and destroyed private property. Watch the video below of his fans standing on someone’s car for the performance.

Smashed windshields, dented roofs, scratches and thousands of dollars worth of damage.

This is what furious New York residents woke up to after thousands of desperate fans streamed into the street to try and get into Kanye West‘s secret gig early Monday morning.

Videos showed ignorant fans taking selfies and jumping on cars as people trying to get to the venue, Webster Hall, were trampled in a stampede.

Those who live near the concert hall are now picking up the pieces from the mayhem, and one thinks Kanye should pay up.

Shirley Green, a photographer originally from Scotland, who lives around the corner from Webster Hall, said Kanye is responsible for the damage and should pay up.

‘He’s an annoying little p****’, she told the Daily Mail Online.

Ms Green said she first noticed the damage to her silver Mazda CX-7 when she left her apartment to go and pick her 21-year-old niece up from Newark Airport.

With a smashed windshield and dents all over the chassis, she was forced to borrow a friend’s car to make the trip.

She then returned, called the cops and got them to file a police report. They then showed her cell phone footage of on the front and windshield of the car.

One girl was seen taking selfies while another man in a red tracksuit was sat down on the glass, causing it to smash.

Now she hopes she can claim the damage back on insurance.

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