WATCH: White Cop SHOOTS ‘Black Teen’, Left Cries FOUL! (Was This JUSTIFIED?)

Liberals are going crazy over what happened in this video. Do you think that this cop was doing what he could to protect himself? Or do you think that he went too far?

A shocking video shows a white police officer firing seven times at a black teenage driver, who had both hands on the wheel.

The 17-year-old driver Antwon Gallmon was left hospitalized after the incident and the cop Robert Cooper has been suspended from duty.

Gallmon can clearly be seen attempting to drive away from the scene as Cooper aims his gun at the car and shouts, ‘Stop! Stop! Do not make me shoot you!’

But Gallmon, keen to escape from the scene, swings his Honda Accord away from the cop and drives off.

Cooper responds by firing seven shots into the vehicle – rapidly and from a close distance – as it zooms past before telling his dispatcher, ‘Shots fired! Shots fired! He tried to hit me with his vehicle’.

He repeats this as he gets in his car to chase Gallmon, saying, ‘He almost hit me! I was barely able to get out of the way!’

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