DEAR AMERICA: Who Will Bring ‘Law and Order’ — Trump or Hillary?

Which candidate do you think is going to bring law and order to America? Will Hillary, who clearly can’t follow the law when it comes to sending classified emails, be able to do this? Vote below!

Donald Trump staked his campaign Monday afternoon on siding with police officers in the latest national clash over officer-involved shootings and cop-killings.

He declared himself ‘the law and order candidate’ for the White House and said ‘crooked Hillary Clinton’ is ‘secretary of the status quo’ – declaring that his Democratic foil’s narrow escape from criminal prosecution over her classified email scandal shows she can’t be trusted to land on the correct side of the line between law and lawlessness.

‘The attack on our Dallas police is an attack on our country,’ Trump said in a Virginia Beach, Virginia hotel ballroom, referring to the mass murder of officers last week at the hands of a lone black gunman. 

‘Our whole nation is in mourning and will be for a very long time. Yet we’ve also seen increasing threats against our police, and a substantial rise in the numbers of officers killed in the line of duty.’

Trump compared the daily experience of beat cops and detectives with that of Vietnam War veterans after they returned home, recalling the wholesale condemnation they absorbed from pop culture, college students and liberal politicians.

‘We went through an ugly chapter in our history during Vietnam when our troops became the victims of harassment and political agendas. For too many police today, that is their daily reality,’ he said.

At the same time he noted the public outrage over the two latest police shootings that galvanized protesters and sent the Dallas shooter over the edge.

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