HILARIOUS: Dennis Miller Offers A NEW Hillary Slogan And It’s PERFECT!

Dennis Miller has always had a dangerously sharp wit. It comes with a warning label and makes grown men cry.

Now he’s given the Democratic hopefuls a brand-new nickname. It’s funny because it’s SO true.

“Tonight, we got Kaine speaking, he’s (Hillary Clinton’s) VP. I think it lends to a great bumper sticker and I’ll give this to the Trump campaign if they want — you should have “Kaine and Unable,” Miller told Bill O’Reilly Wednesday on Fox.

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“Kaine and Unable.” That is perfection.

The Clintons have been unable to have a respectable marriage as Bill Clinton is a serial adulterer. Hillary Clinton has been unable to delve into real policy — it seems she has an addiction to attacking GOP nominee Donald Trump. Lastly, the Democrat nominee has been unable to not sell out Americans and unable to not be a puppet for global elites.

She is willful in her unable-ness.
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Hillary will hate this nickname. So spread it far and wide!

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