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INCREDIBLE HULK OF CRAP: Actor Mark Ruffalo Just Trashed Cops, Let’s BOYCOTT His Films

The stupid is strong on this Tweet from Mark Ruffalo. Are you going to continue watching his movies after seeing how he feels about police officers?

Actor Mark Ruffalo has called on President Obama to sign an executive order divesting federal funds from “bad cops” and police departments in the wake of the shooting deaths of two African-American men and five Dallas police officers earlier this month.

The 48-year-old Avengers star posted a link to a petition on his Twitter page on Monday.

“Defund bad cops and police departments,” the actor wrote. “Tell Obama: We need an executive order!” Ruffalo ended the message with the hashtag, “#DefundPolice.”

The petition linked to by the actor calls on Congress and the Obama administration to cut federal funding for police departments nationwide.

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