LIBERAL FASCISM: Look At What Hillary DEMANDED From Her VP Choice

Published on July 24, 2016

You won’t believe what Hillary, who deleted thousands of classified emails from her private server, demanded of her VP pick. According to this report from Politico, she has a very high double standard for those who are working for her.

They had to turn over every password for every social media account for every member of their families.

They had to list every piece of property they’d ever owned, and copies of every résumé that they’d put out for the past 10 years. Every business partner. Every gift they’d ever received, according to those familiar with the details of the vetting process.

For the finalists in the hunt to be Hillary Clinton’s running mate, it was five weeks of questions and follow-up, and follow-up to the follow-up questions, starting from when they were summoned one-by-one to meet with campaign chairman John Podesta and lawyer Jim Hamilton and told to bring along just one trusted person who’d serve as the point of contact.

Last Friday was interview day at Clinton’s D.C. home, the final exam that some of the VP candidates had spent weeks with their staffs preparing their pitches for. Clinton, with Podesta seated nearby as the only other one in the room, would start the session by talking them up.

Then she’d ask: “Why do you want the job?”

It was a simple end to a complicated process, one that concluded with Clinton tapping Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine as her choice for the Democratic vice presidential nominee.

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