PATRIOTS: Terrorist Attack In Bangladesh … How Will Obama BLAME This On The NRA?

Another terrorist attack has taken place — this time in Bangladesh. Who committed this act of terror? The usual suspects: radical islamists. How do you think Obama will pin the blame on the NRA for this?

Police are preparing to storm a restaurant in Bangladeshi capital Dhaka where Islamist gunmen connected with ISIS are holding around 20 hostages after they shot two officers dead in a shoot-out.

As many as nine gunmen entered the Holey Artisan restaurant and opened fire, unleashing at least 50 shots and hurling makeshift bombs.

The attackers are holding around 20 people hostage at gunpoint, including foreigners and reportedly children, inside the Spanish restaurant in the upmarket Gulshan area.

Police are preparing heavily-armoured vehicles in an attempt to storm the premises, which is also near to a hospital, and rescue those held inside.

No media personnel are being allowed within a two-mile radius of the restaurant as the police operation continues.

One local police station chief, Mohammed Salahuddin, who was earlier injured in the shoot-out, has been declared dead according to a top official at Dhaka Metropolitan Police.

According to a local photojournalist, Mr Salahuddin was asked by his colleagues not to cross the cordon as he was not wearing a bullet-proof vest.

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