WATCH: Cop KILLS Black Man Selling CD’s Outside Of Store … People Are PISSED

This video of a police officer who killed a black man after a confrontation outside of a store is making a lot of people upset. Do you think that the officer did the right thing? Or do you think that he should face consequences for this?

A white Louisiana police officer shot and killed a black man following a confrontation outside a Baton Rouge convenience store, authorities said.

The altercation, which played out in the early hours of Tuesday, was captured on video shortly after the officers had pinned Alton Sterling to the ground.

Shocking footage – taken from inside a car just a yard away – shows Sterling being wrestled and thrown on to the ground by officers who then hold him down as he attempts to struggle.

Taser shots can be heard and the officers push Sterling’s head down on to the concrete after shouting: ‘He’s got a gun.’

One officer then appears to draw what looks like a gun and points it at Sterling’s head.

Within seconds gun shots are heard, the woman filming screams and the man next to her shouts ‘Oh shit!’, as more shots are heard.

The screen then goes black and a woman begins hysterically crying as the man asks her: ‘They shot him? Oh my f***ing goodness.’

‘They killed him! Oh my god!’ wails the woman, while someone in the background simply says ‘why’.

An autopsy shows Sterling, 37, of Baton Rouge, died Tuesday of multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and back, said East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner Dr. William Clark.

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