WATCH: #Dallas Cop Killer METHODICALLY Hunts Officer Down, ‘He Was A TRAINED Killer’

This shocking footage from the Dallas Police shootings shows how one of the gunmen methodically lured in an officer so that he could shoot him at point blank range.

This is the horrifying moment a brave police officer attempted to shoot one of the Dallas gunmen- only for the bullet to bounce off his armored vest and for him to turn around and execute the cop at point-blank range.

The footage, filmed from a balcony on a building opposite the shoot-out shows one of the Dallas gunmen hiding behind a pillar when a cop approaches him from behind.

The stealthy officer then attempts to stop the rampage with a well-placed bullet to the shooter’s back – but it bounces off, leaving the killer unharmed and the cop exposed. 

The killer then sprints towards the officer, who ducks behind the pillar.

The officer then apparently turns to his right, expecting the gunman to approach from the interior of the pillars – instead, the killer approaches from the outside, rounding the corner to see the officer facing away from him.

Anthony May, a retired ATF explosives enforcement officer, told CNN that the killer knew exactly what he was doing, firing from that spot.

‘It appears he was trying to draw police into that area,’ he said. ‘He is very well trained.’    

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