BREAKING: Benghazi Parents File WRONGFUL Death & DEFAMATION Suit Against HILLARY

Published on August 8, 2016

She’s been served! We can now call her “Hillary the Defendant”!

Well, her campaign is certainly historic!

Now Ms Clinton is the First female candidate to face a wrongful death suit for American servicemen who died on her watch.

Chris Wallace suggesting that Patricia Smith, who spoke at the Republican National Convention, and other parents of those killed in Libya didn’t “fully recall everything that was or wasn’t said” to them about a YouTube video being responsible might have been the final straw.

Scott MacFarlane of NBC 4 in Washington, D.C., reports that parents of two Benghazi victims, Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods, have filed a wrongful death suit against Clinton and are claiming that Clinton defamed them with her comments. They also are charging negligence and emotional distress.
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There are 5 different complaints levelled at her, including Defamation, Wrongful Death, Handling of Classified Info, and Negligence.

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