BREAKING: Muslim Kills 51 During WEDDING – The AGE Of The Killer Will BLOW Your Mind

Weddings are supposed to be a festive new beginning, not The End. And by someone so very YOUNG? Unthinkable.

At least fifty-one people are dead. And for what? For attending a wedding within reach of terrorists.

Do these dirtbags stand up and challenge their enemy to a fight? Pick fights with soldiers? Hit military and infrastructure targets?

No, they strap bombs to kids and blow up a party. Because that is ‘courage’ in their feeble, diseased minds. Attacking women and children.

DailyMail has some video:

Reports say the boy who detonated at this wedding was perhaps as young as twelve. No older than fourteen, at any rate.

The targeting of a wedding was characterized as ‘barbaric’ and ‘devilish’.

Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan said it was likely that ISIS was behind the attack which saw the bomber, a boy, thought to be aged between 12 and 14, detonate his explosives among people dancing in the street at a party in the city of Gaziantep last night.

Are THESE the sweet refugees Hillary wants to bring to America?

Share if THIS is why we need to crush the ideology of Islamism.

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