DEAR AMERICA: Did TRUMP Do The RIGHT Thing Helping Flood Victims? (Hillary Doesn’t Think So)

Published on August 21, 2016

Hillary stayed away. And Trump showed up with a truckload of aid. Who has the right idea?

He sends a tractor trailer filled with much-needed supplies (bought and paid for with his OWN money)….
He gives a $1.5 million dollar donation to a flood relief charity (using his OWN money)….
He asks for ZERO roads to be closed for his visit…
He asks for, and receives, ZERO local, state, or other law enforcement to protect him while visiting (he brought HIS own security detail…that he PAID for with his OWN money)….
The media gives him 10-seconds of mention, and even then, those seconds were used to besmirch him while extolling the (non-existent) virtues of absent Obama…
Tell me again how he went to Baton Rouge as a photo op publicity stunt?
I’ve never heard of someone spending a couple million dollars or more – of his OWN money – for a photo op.
But I have heard of a liberal piece of shit spending other people’s money (our tax dollars) to pay for his vacations…and photo ops showing him bowing down to the leaders of other countries.

Ginny Meerman-Lee

Louisiana is underwater. It has been for days. The President is taking a Twitter beating for having “better” things to do. (Like play more golf than Tiger Woods.)

Which is odd, since the last disaster this big was during his LAST campaign, where he did the Photo op in New Jersey. Why bother. It’s not like he’s trying to get elected again.

Hillary, on the other hand IS trying to get elected. She went directly to the Liberal playbook. Priority one is visiting donors. Check.

Next is taking other people’s time, energy and cash, and apply it to something you want to make happen. Hillary told people to give money to charities who would do the work.

Some 40,000 homes have been damaged, and at least 13 people are dead in Louisiana in what’s been called the worst U.S. storm since Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

In her post, Clinton encouraged supporters to donate to the Red Cross or the Baton Rouge Area Foundation. She also sent the message out in an email to supporters with links to donation pages for both organizations.

“These are our friends, our family members, our community — and they’re counting on us to reach out with open arms right now. This team has done so much for me,” she said.
The Hill

And Trump?

Took heat for showing up with a truckload of supplies, and meeting in person with the people who need it.

Trump offered notably restrained remarks as he surveyed the waterlogged wreckage.
‘Nobody understands how bad it is,’ Trump told reporters, after briefly helping unload a truck of supplies while cameras captured the moment. ‘It’s really incredible, so I’m just here to help.’

Trump flew into Michigan later on Friday to address a rally, explaining his appearance in an open-necked shirt and trucker hat by saying he had come straight from ‘a tour of the suffering and devastation in Louisiana’.

‘The spirit of the people is incredible, the devastation likewise,’ he said. ‘Honestly, Obama ought to get off the golf course and get down there,’ he added to cheers from the crowd.

Which one shows REAL leadership>

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