DEAR CNN: ‘Clinton Foundation’ Donor Gets BANNED From Entering The USA Because He’s A Frickin’ …

Strange how so many of HIllary’s ‘besties’ turn out to be shady, isn’t it?

Could we have the same journalists who spent so much time and energy trying to discredit Trump for not disavowing a racist that he’d already disavowed turn show equal time for this story?

Clinton Foundation donor — a billionaire ‘TOP donor’ … giving at LEAST Seven Figures! — now can’t even ENTER the US.

A top donor of the Clinton Foundation, Nigerian billionaire Gilbert Chagoury, is no longer allowed to enter the United States, having his visitor’s visa denied last summer under terrorism grounds.

Chagoury’s name has been brought up of late, because of an ask Clinton Foundation head Doug Band made of Hillary Clinton’s State Department – he wanted to put the donor, whose parents were Lebanese, in touch with the American government’s top Lebanon person.

…The billionaire’s visa problems likely stemmed from his involvement in Lebanon’s complicated political system, according to an investigation from the Los Angeles Times, who reported that Chagoury could no longer enter the United States.

…[Chagoury was a financial backer of Michel Aoun, whose] party has been part of the same political coalition as Hezbollah, which is considered a terrorist organization by the United States stemming from the double bombings in 1983, killing 63 at the U.S. embassy in Beirut and 241 at a Marine barracks later that year.

Both were traced to Hezbollah.
Daily Mail

This of course, leads those journalists who are not defending Hillary to question whether National interests are being compromised by the personal gain of the Clinton family.

Isn’t it crazy how the rest of us get scam emails promising millions for a Nigerian prince… and Clinton actually gets 7 figure donations from a Nigerian billionaire?

The question is… what does this friend of Hezbollah hope to gain from his ‘investment’? And does it conflict with the interests of America?

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