Tell us MORE about how the Flag-loving conservatives are a violent mob. All the evidence is pointing the other way.

THIS is the news story the media has been dying to tell us. Only backwards.

Violent intimidation of people who have the ‘wrong’ political opinion. Evil thugs who want to delegitimize the democratic process. And the media will never see it, because to them, it doesn’t exist.

Maybe they should take a close look at THIS photo. Gateway Pundit>

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Where are the cries of “rights” when it applies to the right to assemble? Bueller? Anyone?

There’s video, too, via Twitter.

In the comments below the video, we learn that feces was thrown, people were spitting, and cell phones were stolen.

This news would be absolutely DELICIOUS to the media if it made Trump look bad. But rule one is in news: only a Liberal can be a victim. Because in Obama’s America, victimhood is the path to political power.

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