FEMINISTS Gone Cray-Cray: Boobs Flashing Boobs… Because ‘Equality’ (VIDEO)

If you’re bothered by bare boobies and bad singing, do NOT click the link. But if you want to laugh at some ridiculous Feminists… that’s another story.

Is the Feminist movement running out of gas? Are they so hard up fro issues that they need to fight for that they’re doing this?

Sure, women’s rights activists before got things like voting rights, access to higher education, and job opportunities.

But… But… Did any of them IMAGINE a day like today when women around the world could flash their boobies…

…and not even cheap plastic beads out of the deal?

Watch the Topless Boobs here:

And yes, you WERE warned about the bad singing. We’re sorry.

Shockingly, many men flocked to these events. But it was all about their agreement with female equality. No ‘frat boy’ vibe there at all. The video and photos were, uh, to document this bold historical moment.

Yeah… That’s the ticket.

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