LADIES: Is CAMO Clothing ‘OPPRESSIVE’ To You Or Is This Leftist Certifiably Nuts?

Published on August 10, 2016

CAMO Clothing: Symbol of the ‘Patriarchy’!

This self-proclaimed ‘white, cisgender, queer woman with US citizenship’ writes about the 3 reasons why women should not wear Camo clothing:

I’ve been having lots of conversations lately about one major iconic fashion trend that just won’t seem to die: the appropriation of military apparel – namely, camouflage patterned clothing.

Camouflage is a dye pattern that was initially made to disguise the bodies of soldiers during combat, so that they could stealthily hunt people on opposing armies. Let me repeat this: Camo patterns were made for the purpose of human hunting.

They were designed in order to afford soldiers with the maximum amount of protection while literally gunning down and killing other human beings. In the spirit of feminism, let us not forget our most basic goal: to create and sustain a world in which people inherently value, revere, and actively support each other’s survival.

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Why is it wrong, you ask? Well, camouflage clothing reminds ‘oppressed’ people of these 3 things:

1. Border Guards
…US border guards are often armed white folks dressed in full military fatigues, the purpose of which is not to camouflage themselves, but to instill a sense of fear and subordination into those attempting to cross.

2. Katrina Aftermath
…thousands of local state and federal law enforcement officers, and armed, active duty soldiers from the National Guard showed up and started patrolling the city.

Needless to say, these troops weren’t there to provide aid. They were sent to establish military order and authority over a newly displaced community – the majority made up of low-income black folks.

3. Militarized Police in Ferguson
…When local communities began organizing and protesting against the shooting of an unarmed black man by a state police officer, the police force reacted by deploying military-grade gear and force.

At that time, it was difficult to distinguish photos of police in Ferguson from images coming out of war zones like Iraq and Afghanistan. Armored vehicles driven by officers (dressed in full camouflage battle uniforms) patrolled the streets at all hours.

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