MUSLIM ‘NO GO ZONES’: No, This Isn’t Europe – It’s In OUR Backyard! (VIRAL VIDEO)

Published on August 15, 2016

Remember Daniel Pearl? This was the story he was chasing before his grisly death.

Interview about the book that tells the REST of the story about the guy Daniel Pearl was investigating. It includes terrorist training camps right here in America, that have existed for some 30 years.

Martin Mawyer on Fox and Friends:

It tells the story about their involvement in crime — including murder, including drug trade and drug running.

There’s a NYPD undercover agent who was in the network for 8 years. He calls them “modern warrior slaves”.

The video describes the targets, their numbers, their training.

Fox has CONFIRMED Seventeen of the camps he describes, but there are others.

Jihadi map

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