‘What difference at this point does it make?’ Well, Hillary, it makes a LOT of difference. You will NOT like this…

Judicial Watch is relentless in their belief that ‘No One is Above the Law’. They have hounded Hillary about her missing emails and her private server. Recently, a Federal Judge has issued a Court Order for Hillary to answer questions, for the first time under oath, about her private email server.

Hillary Clinton isn’t immune from congressional impeachment proceedings just because she’s out of office – and the Democrat could be subject to an impeachment inquiry even while she campaigns for the White House, a leading open government expert tells

Tom Fitton, president of the conservative open government group Judicial Watch, made the startling disclosure even as a leading House committee chairman have written the FBI seeking an investigation into whether Clinton committed perjury during testimony about her emails before a House Benghazi committee…

…’One of the dirty little secrets in Washington is that Mrs. Clinton can be impeached now,’ said Fitton in an interview. ‘A federal official leaving office does not end congressional jurisdiction over impeachment for misconduct in that office.

‘And if she was convicted by the Senate the sanction could be ineligibility for future office.’

…’The Congress thinks that Mrs. Clinton lied to them. You have the mishandling of classified info that was quite evident and other violations of the law including federal records laws with the associated graft of the Clinton Foundation. There’s plenty to begin at least an impeachment inquiry in the House,’ he said.

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Watch Trey Gowdy grill Hillary on Benghazi:

Hillary wants to be President, just like Bill was.

Hillary may go through an impeachment inquiry, just like Bill did.

You know what they say, a couple that commits perjury together stays together. (Or something like that.)

So, this means we’re going to hear about ‘hacker eruptions’ not ‘bimbo eruptions’.

Too bad we can’t just use BleachBit on Hillary’s term as Secretary of State.

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