NY Muslims Blame Trump for Imam Shooting – There’s One HUGE Problem With That

Published on August 14, 2016

An Imam is dead. Somehow it’s Trump’s fault?

Is this because the Clinton bodycount story isn’t going away?

It’s easy to blame Trump. It’s harder to actually report on a story.

Pam Geller calls it right when she says:

First off, police do not believe this was a “hate crime,” but Islamic supremacists never let the facts get in the way of exploiting a bogus narrative.
Secondly, the shooter was a person of color. So much for the racism charges.

But look at the NY Daily News headline:

“Queens Imam and his assistant shot to death by gunman in attack local Muslims blame on Donald Trump: His drama has created Islamophobia”

Really? We’ve seen tens of thousands dead since 9/11, not counting conflicts like Syria, and not to mention rapes or forced marriages of children. But the BIG problem is Westerners?

Let’s look a little closer at the problem:

Police are on record as saying there was no evidence of religious motivation.

We have a sketch of the suspect. He could possibly pass for Middle Eastern. So RACE might not even be a factor.

So it could conceivably have been a random thug.

Or a personal conflict.

Or even a rival Muslim sect, which (in other parts of the world) is not an uncommon thing.

But none of that matters. Islam is always on the offensive. Always playing the victim card. Always pressing for an advantage.

They’ve learned from Liberals and SJW’s. They are even better at this game then they are, because “Islamophobia”.

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