QUESTION: Did You See Hillary’s ‘UGLY CHICK BRIGADE’ Interrupt Trump’s Speech 14x Today?

With friends like these, does Hillary even NEED enemies..?

Remember the criticisms during the DNC? “He has no substance.” They said. “Tell us your plan.” They said.

And when Donald Trump stood up to present his economic platform, what did they do?

They interrupted. They shouted him down. But Trump did not take the bait.

Donald Trump’s economics speech at the Detroit Economic Club was interrupted thirteen separate times by protesters, mostly women, who yelled slogans into a cavernous convention center ballroom and drew mostly indifference from the Republican nominee for president.

Trump mostly shook his head silently, and plowed ahead through his prepared remarks without giving television audiences a hint at what was transpiring.

A left-wing group called Michigan People’s Campaign claimed credit for organizing the protest
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What was this economic platform they so badly needed to shout down? Here’s a sampling:

– Keystone
– No new red tape
– Make childcare expenses fully tax-deductible
– Slash business tax
– Simplified tax code
and (drumroll, please)…
– Abolishing the Death tax!

(See Dailymail for the rest)

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