QUESTION: What Do Hillary & Huma’s HUSBANDS Have In COMMON?

Published on August 29, 2016

Ok, Carlos Danger, stay classy!

You remember him, don’t you?

That was the name Anthony Weiner hid behind in his sexting scandals a couple years back. It was such a big deal that everyone was given a chance to get their own ‘dangerous’ names.

His wiener got him in trouble then. He gave his typical staged Clintonian apology. And it continues to get him in trouble now.

This time, he was shirtless in bed, sending pics to some girl, and his toddler climbed into bed with him.

Class act that he is, that was when he (dressed in his underwear) rolled out the innuendo about someone joining him in bed. This is the guy married to Hillary’s advisor Huma.

Hillary and Huma have a lot in common. Not just a shared dislike for everything that made America Great in the first place, but they have a similar taste in classless men, lacking self-respect and willing to overlook disgusting behaviour.

Weiner’s Twitter page is now deleted. There is no word on whether Hillary helped him delete it.

Here’s the report:

So, did you do the name game, too?

Was yours better than “Fabricio Catastrophe?”

Share if they’re both a couple of dicks.