QUESTION: Nice, France Cops BUST Muslim Chick For Wearing A Burka On The Beach – Do You BLAME Them?

France has a legal dress code for their beaches. Was this approach to police enforcement of it overboard, or overdue?

For proper context, it’s helpful to know that this happened at the very same beach in Nice that made the news when a man in a truck slaughtered 85 people, besides those who were injured.

Another young Muslim mother was ordered off the beach at Cannes and fined for simply wearing a headscarf.
Three armed officers pointed a pepper spray canister in the 34-year-old’s face and told her she was in breach of a new rule outlawing swimming costumes that cover the entire body

She said the ‘racist’ officers simply wanted to humiliate her in front of her children and other family members, even though she was not even wearing a burkini.

It was the latest in a series of incidents in the south of France and comes after video emerged of armed police waiting for Muslim women to come out of the sea at nearby Nice, and then warning them about their choice of headscarves.

And just days ago, four women were fined 38 euros for wearing their burkinis on the beach in Cannes.

Siam accepted an on-the-spot fine of around nine pounds, and her details were recorded on what will amount to a criminal record. She said: ‘Today we are not allowed on the beach. Tomorrow, the street? Tomorrow, we’ll be forbidden from practicing our religion at all?

You will notice the slant of the article assumes that the police are racist and in the wrong. Is that fair, or does what Islam has done in Europe (see: ‘banned’ video) put things in a slightly different perspective?

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