QUESTION: Should An Unemployed Machinist in Ohio, Give A Sh*t About ‘Resettling Refugees’

Written by Andrew Allen on August 2, 2016

Tucker Carlson OWNED Nomiki Konst during an early morning segment of “Fox and Friends”, Sunday July 31st. The topic? Hillary Clinton’s plan to resettle 65,000 Syrian refugees in the United States – that number is much higher than Obama’s stated goal of resettling 10,000 Syrian refugees. Tucker Carlson’s question was straightforward. To paraphrase he asked Nomiki Konst why resettling Syrian refugees in the United States would matter to an unemployed machinist in Cleveland who’s having a hard time making ends meet.

To her credit, Nomiki Konst started out doing what Nomiki Konst always starts out doing whenever she appears on one of “the shows”. She took the first question and ran with it. Running with it meaning she talked as quickly as she could, spewing out however many talking points she could in as brief a period of time as possible. That’s what liberals always do – they beat a hasty retreat towards their preferred talking points when confronted with uncomfortable questions.

She told Tucker about how the United States is one of more than one hundred counties treaty-bound to accept refugees. She reminded everyone how the United States been accepting refugees from around the world since 1952. And she said a whole bunch of other feel-good, wonky stuff.

Tucker Carlson called her out. Nomiki Konst was also doing the other thing she always does when she goes on “the shows” – she wasn’t answering the question. Liberals are unfortunately good at that too. Treaties and 64 years of doing things are all fine and dandy. For an unemployed machinist in Cleveland, the bank isn’t going to accept either when the mortgage is past due.

So, Nomiki Konst decided to step outside her safe zone and actually answer the question. At this point you’ll want to sit down because the careening path her logic takes might make you car sick.

It’s going to cost hundreds of billions to resettle refugees, which is okay according to Konst, because at the end of it the program will be “cost neutral”. Cost Neutral meaning that over time the resettlement program will pay for itself. Thing is, for all the taxpayers actually paying for the program on the front end, they’ll see no reimbursement of their tax monies over the long term. That’s assuming that the Syrian refugee resettlement program will somehow be the lone, sole federal program ever in the history of federal programs to eventually pay itself off AND then give taxpayers back the money they were forced to put into it. Cost neutral? You’ve got a better shot at finding a unicorn drinking from a stream flowing full of butter in a meadow made of friendship and love.

That, of course, didn’t answer Tucker’s question either. So Nomiki Konst tried again.

Bringing in all those refugees would help keep Europe safe, she said. In Europe, refugees are washing up on the continent’s southern shores and are being smuggled in over land. They arrive in Europe unscreened. But we, here in America, will screen them five times, Nomiki said. Five whole times! If we screen them, Europe doesn’t have to because we are taking that burden off the Europeans, and that means Europe will be safer.

Plus, we have oceans. Not sure what the oceans have to do with screening but Nomiki Konst made sure Tucker and everyone watching knew we had oceans around us. And screening. Oceans. Screening. Oceans of screenings.

Screening sounds terrific. The idea that the UN, Department of Homeland Security, and who knows who else, is going to sit each refugee down and screen them sounds wonderful. Until one asks, what’s the origin of the initial data on each refugee? How does a UN database, or a Homeland Security file, know that Mr. Ahmed bin-Hadid is really Ahmed bin-Hadid and is the same Ahmed bin-Hadid that once ran a grocery store in Aleppo? What if instead it’s Abu Aziz who once ran into bin-Hadid’s grocery store and beheaded bin-Hadid for being a Christian before selling his three daughters and wife into sexual slavery?

Speaking of screenings, liberals like Nomiki Konst never seem to have a problem with unscreened persons entering America via the southern border – or people whose identity hasn’t been screened via a photo ID casting a ballot. All the sudden screenings are the best thing since sliced bread? Sounds like Nomiki might be hopping aboard the Trump Train.

Why would we or Europe need to screen anyone anyway if, as liberals tell us, radical Islam isn’t the cause of terrorism? Nice, Orlando, San Bernardino, Paris, and the rest according to the left had nothing to do with religion. So what are we screening people for? Cooties?

In any case, none of that answered the question either. A safer Europe and screenings sound great and all, but they don’t help an unemployed machinist in Cleveland.

Nomiki tried one more time.

All those Syrian refugees will be screened AND they’ll be required to work in order to pay back the cost of being resettled in the United States. According to Nomiki Konst, the refugees will all become regular joes working their forty-hour week for a livin’ just to send it on down the line (credit to Alabama for those that caught it).

Sounds almost like Nomiki Konst was suggesting assimilation, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, Tucker Carlson didn’t go there. Where he did go was back to the question. To paraphrase, he asked Konst how an employed Syrian refugee made life better for an unemployed machinist struggling in Cleveland.

Yes, it’s true, Nomiki Konst allied herself with George W. Bush to make her argument work.

Nomiki Konst turned to George W. Bush for her answer by claiming that Syrian refugees would be relegated to “jobs Americans won’t do”. That’s right. After a year or more of liberals hectoring Americans about how a $15 minimum wage is necessary and how burger flipping gigs are head of household career choices, Nomiki Konst reversed the narrative and said that such jobs weren’t ones working Americans were willing to do.

Yet, according to Nomiki Konst, Syrian refugees are going to work dead end jobs and pay off the thousands upon thousands of dollars spent to resettle them here in the United States! Maybe the laws of mathematics in Nomikiville are different than everywhere else and that’s how she makes the numbers work.

And none of it helps the unemployed machinist struggling to make ends meet in Cleveland. Not to mention, Konst’s suggestion is highly racist AND indicative of how Democrats view their voters.

To presume that a Syrian refugee – whether Arab, Circassian, Turkman, ethnic Greek, or otherwise – can’t do any better than “jobs Americans won’t do” is as racist as the DNC email (from Rebecca Christopher, describing DNC outreach to Latino voters as (sic) “mop up some more taco bowl engagement”. (If Donald Trump had called for mopping up some more taco bowl engagement, Democrats would be rioting again in San Jose, Chicago, and Baltimore).

How do Democrats keep people voting Democrat? By keeping them down. Keeping them poor, upset, angry, and victimized. If Nomiki Konst seriously believes Syrian refugees are best served by keeping them at the low end of the workforce spectrum, she’s admitting that she wants Democrats to do to them what they’ve done to urban communities of color for generations. It’s a great strategy if you want a guaranteed voter base forever dependent upon your whims – the whole thing harkens back to the old days of plantation masters doesn’t it?

If we truly care about the humanity of people – both unemployed Americans and Syrian refugees – we can do better than fostering conditions of dependence and then enforcing them behind feel good chatter delivered via out of touch wonks like Nomiki Konst.,_Hungary,_Central_Europe,_3_September_2015.jpg; Mstyslav Chernov; CC By-SA 4.0

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