SH*T LIST: Should We BOYCOTT Buffet, Bon Jovi & McCartney For Supporting The HILDEBEEST

They sang ‘Hey Jude’ to raise money for Hillary, but maybe they should have been singing “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”:

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Here’s a question: since so many people loathe Hillary, should those who keep propping her up get our contempt, too?

It worked with Target. People were having things we hate stuffed down our throats, we got sick of it, and put our money elsewhere.

If this crowd is hangin’ in the Hamptons raising money at $25k a ticket for Hillary’s campaign, how badly do they REALLY need our money?

Here’s what they’re doing with the money and influence we’ve given them:

Clinton was wrapping up a fundraising blitz during which she has racked up millions in a three-day swing.

The Democratic presidential nominee hopped from mansion to mansion in the ocean-front vacation destination, appearing at parties and dinners where the contributions ranged from $1,000 to $100,000 for guests and hosts.

…McCartney joked with the crowd, according to fundraiser guests, saying that this was ‘the first time I’ve paid to hear myself sing.’

(For those keeping score, if McCartney is not an American citizen, is this not foreign financial support of a candidate in an American election? Does this fall under any legislation, or is she exploiting a loophole with her rich foreign friends?)

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