Trump Says He Was, ‘VICIOUSLY Attacked’ By Parents Of Muslim Soldier, After Reading This, Do YOU Agree?

DNC plays “Shut up, I’m a victim” card.

It ends badly for them.

In pushing the we-care-they-don’t narrative, the Democrats are going for broke.

Notice the line of victims they surrounded themselves with at the DNC. Moms-of-thugs. Illegal aliens. And wonder of wonders, Gold Star parents of a fallen American soldier… who was Muslim.

And they were willing to scold Trump on a national stage. Bulletproof, right? Their kid died in the service of the country. So they get to say whatever they want. No one is allowed to contradict them, right?

Well, those were the old rules. The rules of the Timid Republicans. The “don’t rock the boat” Republicans. The runner-up-for-President Republicans.

Of COURSE, Trump fired back. (To the predictable outrage.) But so did others.

Mr. Khan claimed Trump’s immigration policy was unconstitutional. He mockingly offered Trump his own copy of the Constitution. (Context: Daily Mail)

Ben Shapiro — a strong critic of Trump — weighed in on the issue, defending Trump’s plan to restrict immigration.

But the strongest rebuke came from Col Allen West.

I would offer a simple recommendation to Mr. Khan. Perhaps you should have asked President Barack Obama if he had read the Constitution — undoubtedly you would agree we have witnessed a few unconstitutional actions from him.
And while you were at it, Mr. Khan, perhaps you could have asked Hillary Clinton about handling classified information — since I’m quite sure your son, Captain Khan, had at a minimum a secret clearance. — Allan B West

West continued: He called it a wasted opportunity. Where is the criticism of where Obama violated the Constitution? Why the emphasis on what makes their son different from others who serve, rather than the uniform and the flag that unite them?

Where was the denunciation of the REAL enemy, the one that killed their son: Islamism? It was a suicide bomber that ended his life, was it not?

West quoted Churchill’s scathing critique of Islam, and the threat its ideals pose to peace and freedom. He called out Mohammed as a warlord, psychopath, and pedophile. And he called out Mr. Khan himself:

Then again, maybe you had no intention of using the platform provided to you as a teachable moment…but rather a politically-influenced opportunity for gain.
You, Mr. Khan, had the chance to be the face and voice of a Muslim family that stood with the fundamental principles and values of liberty, freedom, and democracy upon which this Republic was founded — in which you have found a home.

Mr. Khan, I grieve for the loss of your son. However, I grieve even more that you used his sacrifice and loss as nothing more than a damn politicized stunt. May God forgive you for it.

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