WATCH: Psycho Muslim Chick Releases 1000s Of Crickets On NY Subway – And It Gets Even WEIRDER

You know what the evening commute on mass transit needs? Live bait. Crazy, even by New York standards. Watch the video…

The incident took place on a Brooklyn-bound D train on Wednesday just after 6pm, according to police.

The woman had been trying to sell crickets and worms during the evening commute when a group of teenagers reportedly pushed her…

This Muslim woman was selling crickets and worms on the crowded subway car, when she was pushed. The tub of bait went flying. Passengers scrambled to get away from the bugs. The scene was so disturbing and gross, that apparently one passenger threw-up.

…As the chaotic scenes continued to unfold, the woman then urinated on the floor causing passengers to run to the other side of the car while trying to dodge the bugs, according to the New York Post.

‘She was hysterical for 20 minutes and peed herself before the train operator unlocked the car doors to let us through,’ Mechaber tweeted.

‘Mass hysteria in a locked, enclosed space is something else.’
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Someone pulled the emergency brake and the train was stalled on the Manhattan Bridge for 15 minutes.

Once the train arrived at Dekalb Ave. station, the woman was taken into custody. ‘Cricket Lady’, as she has come to be known, was taken to New York Methodist Hospital for psychiatric observation.

Watch the chaos unfold:

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