WATCH: TRUMP’s Latest SHOCKER Make The REST Seem J.V. …the LEFT Is Wetting Their Pants!

TEN WORDS FROM TRUMP and the LEFT is (Literally!) Crying “bloody murder.

See the clip:

But OF COURSE, he is telling people to murder Hillary, or judges, or both. What else could he POSSIBLY MEAN?

In fact, the headline on Huffpo said almost exactly that.

Headline: “Donald Trump Suggests Shooting Hillary Clinton, Her Supreme Court Picks, Or Both”

Subhead: “A person seeking to be the president of the United States should not suggest violence in any way,” the Clinton Campaign responded.

(They might want to be more careful about the accusations they level at others. Glass houses and all that…)

Are they really that thick? Or are they really that sensationalist. Or maybe they’ve just got no sense of American history.

What did he say exactly? (paraphrase)

– Hillary wants to be rid of the 2nd Amendment
– Hillary could appoint a judge that shares her views
– Once appointed, we are stuck with the judge and tht judge’s rulings (‘nothing we can do’)

For a “Progressive” if he ended there, they’d punch the air with a cheer.

But it doesn’t REALLY end there, does it?

For an American with a sense of history, they know that certain rights cannot be simply legislated away.

That was tried before. By a British King who learned that Americans were not so easily parted from their rights.

The only one who need fear an American Patriot is a Tyrant.

No wonder they’re worried.

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