WHOA: Andrea Tantaros Claims FOX News’, Roger Ailes, Sexually Harassed Her

Published on August 8, 2016

Things are heating up for Ailes (and FOX!)… in all the worst ways. Remember when he OWNED the news, instead of BEING it..?

The dishonored news tycoon is back in the headlines. Once again, once again because of sexual harassment allegations. But he isn’t the only one implicated.

This time, the complaints are coming from Andrea Tantaros.

Tantaros claims she was taken off the air after filing multiple complaints of sexual harassment with Fox Executives. These complaints have gone as far back as August 12, 2014.

This directly contradicts Fox Executives claim that:

… they were unaware of sexual-harassment allegations against Roger Ailes before former anchor Gretchen Carlson filed a lawsuit against him in July.
NY Mag

Tantaros is convinced that her various demotions and her current suspension with pay are directly related to her sexual harassment complaints. Her lawyer used the word “retaliatory”.

It looks even worse if the following statement proves accurate:

On April 30, 2015, Tantaros filed a formal workplace harassment complaint about Ailes to Shine, Burstein says. The following day, Burstein says, Tantaros met with Shine to further discuss her harassment claims. Shine allegedly told her, “Roger is a very powerful man,” and that she “should not fight this.”
Source: NY Mag

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