WATCH: 3 Armed THUGS Break Into Lady’s Home – The WRONG Lady’s Home

Don’t you just LOVE a happy ending?

The video shows one of the men jumping through a glass door to get away from the stream of bullets, as dry wall debris is seen flying all over the house
Two of the men managed to escape. It is unclear if they had been shot.

However a third intruder, identified Antonio Leeks, 28, of Atlanta, was shot and killed in the home invasion.

He was found dead from his injuries in the driveway of the home by police. Cpl. Deon Washington with the Gwinnett County Police Department said the homeowner acted appropriately

‘She exercised her right to defend her livelihood and property,’ Washington told WSB TV.

The woman is a local restaurant manager who was staying in a housemate’s Spring Drive home for work-related reasons. The house is seen in the video filled with boxes of cleaning products and equipment for the restaurant.

The incident occurred around 4 a.m. Friday. Police say the men were after money.
Daily Mail

And for anyone keeping score, this is EXACTLY the point of the Second Amendment. The good guys … even when outnumbered… don’t have to be prey to the bad buys.

It’s the bad guys who should be scared shirtless.

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