BLOODY MESS: ‘Refugees’ KILLING Motorists To Sneak Into THIS Country … Maybe THEY Need A Wall?

Refugees just looking for a better life? Check out what’s happening in Calais now and see if you STILL think so.

The migrants from the Calais Jungle Camps have been an ongoing issue.

Reporters were documenting the new tactics migrants were using to enter the United Kingdom.

Migrants from the ‘Calais Jungle’ camp are using a deadly new tactic in their attempts to get to Britain.

Ruthless gangs are deliberately causing crashes on the roads to the French port by hurling large objects at cars – then sneaking on to lorries caught up in the resulting tailbacks.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd has spoken out after a team of Mail on Sunday journalists narrowly escaped death last week when three migrants threw a log at their car, forcing it into the path of a 38-ton juggernaut.

…Reporter Ben Ellery, 32, and photographers Steve Burton and John McLellan were all injured when their British-registered Audi swerved to avoid the missile.

They then hit the lorry, sending their vehicle spinning out of control. The juggernaut dragged the car sideways for about 50 yards.

The three men were later rushed to hospital for treatment. Ellery’s head was gashed to the bone after it struck the steering wheel, and he required eight stitches.

McLellan, 60, was left with deep cuts to his face, and Burton, 57, suffered a gash on his head and severe bruising to his back.

They had been investigating a shocking explosion of violence at the squalid migrant camp and the growing number of attacks on trucks heading for Britain.

…A Calais police source told The Mail on Sunday there had been a number of reported incidents ‘of projectiles being thrown directly at cars, so as to force them to stop’.

He said the menacing new tactic – along with blockades on the road – ‘was of huge concern, and was likely to result in very serious accidents’.

The ‘Jungle camp’ has about 9,000 migrants, and they don’t always get along…

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Another doctor at the hospital revealed asylum-seekers come into the hospital daily after being wounded in vicious knife fights in the camp.

He said: ‘They come in every day with stab wounds. There is particularly a rivalry between the Afghans and the Sudanese. They are given priority because their wounds are so serious.’

A paramedic told our reporters: ‘This is happening all the time now. It’s a war out there.’
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Watch the video of one of the new tactics:

The next day, the reporters are involved in a car accident with a truck:

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