QUESTION: NYC’s Mayor De Blasio (D) Says ‘BOMB Wasn’t Terrorism’ – Do YOU Agree?

It was a day that had emergency teams scrambling, one that generated as many questions as answers.

On the same day where an explosive device shut down a 5K race benefitting Sailors and Marines, another explosion shook Manhattan.

One might wonder: are they related? Is this part of something coordinated? Is there a terror threat?

While it is still early yet, we know this much:

— The explosion occurred at 8:30 on Saturday September 17… at 131 West 23rd Street in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan.

— Officials say the Manhattan explosion is considered unrelated to the one in New Jersey.

— At last mention, twenty-nine people were injured, one seriously, but there were no fatalities.

— There was one explosion, as well as one unexploded device (recovered) within 4 blocks of each other in Manhattan

— The second explosive device was constructed from a pressure cooker.

— There is currently no evidence suggesting any link to Islamic terrorism.

— Officials confirmed it was deliberately planted.

— The area has been treated as a crime scene and was cordoned off for safety.

— The second device offers potential clues, including unspecified writing.


More footage:

The recovered device:

Here was the Mayor’s public response:

More will be announced as information becomes available.

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