DEAR RIOTERS: Newly Released Audio Tapes Make YOU Look STUPID For Rioting

Published on September 30, 2016

So, Charlotte residents? How do you feel about race-baiters smashing up your lovely city now that we’ve heard THIS tasty tidbit?

A Charlotte, North Carolina, police officer calls for backup, saying he has spotted a man with a gun and a marijuana joint in his SUV.

In follow-up radio traffic, the officer says a suspect has been wounded and is lying on the ground.

The two snippets of audio the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department released on Thursday along with a brief 911 call appeared to back up authorities’ assertion that officers believed Keith Lamont Scott had a gun.

– Daily Mail

In an effort to meet the calls for transparency, CMPD released several audio clips:

One witness’s 911 call asking for a medic

Audio: [metro]

Audio: [University city dispatch]

…The American Civil Liberties Union, the NAACP and a media coalition have urged police to release more details — including all the video taken at the scene.

The National Bar Association, an organization representing black attorneys and judges, this week became the latest group to say it wanted the U.S. Justice Department to investigate the Scott shooting.

The group said in a statement: ‘There is an overwhelming feeling in the African-American community that these shootings are illegal and our system of justice is unjust and less than color blind.

‘Much of this distrust can be attributed to the lack of transparency and accountability.’

Daily Mail

REALLY? Could much of this distrust be BETTER attributed to opportunistic race-baiters running off half-cocked and blaming the police for wrongdoing before the facts are fully known?

We’ve not forgotten when CNN got caught in the lie at Milwaukee, editing the clip of the woman who encouraged people go burn down the suburbs, not their own neighborhood. Would THEY not have some role to play in the ‘distrust’? Nah.

Be sure and catch this RELATED story about the Charlotte shootings. The one about the police report Scott’s wife filed against him. And the damning details in that report which completely explode the lie she’s been feeding the media.

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